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Whitney Port shows off her Post Baby Body. The Hills star, Port was concerned about her sex life after having the baby!!!


The reality personality and fashion designer was spotted leaving a salon, showing off her incredible post baby body after giving birth 3 months ago!!!A39A2743.JPG

Even though she looked amazing in these pictures Whitney was still honest about her body speaking about giving birth vaginally, which ‘changes everything down there’ and means ‘a really long recovery afterwards.’

The changes, which she calls ‘painful’ and ‘uncomfortable,’ also includes her breasts.

Whitney had a lot of anxiety about what labor would do to her body: ‘You’re pushing an eight pound baby out of like a teeny hole and I was obviously concerned about what that was going to do to our sex life.’

‘I wanted to try and eat healthy and not gain weight because I was just trying to keep the nausea from being so terrible.’

Whatever the new mom is doing, we all hope she keeps doing it because she looks fit and fashionable, which I wouldn’t worry about your sex life with that incredible post baby body!!!A39A2703.JPG

The new mom, Whitney Port talks about how excited she is to share Halloween with her new born in the video below:


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